GH3 Birthday Party


7-9 June 2024

May be an image of beer and text that says "GH3 20 20years years Hashy Beerday"

Gothenburg H3 celebrates 20 years of hashing 🥳

When: 7-9 June 2024
Where: Gråbogården, Ljungslättsvägen 95, 44373 Gråbo
What: Hash weekend for GH3 and friends. Friday shenanigans - Saturday trail for runners and walkers, circle, dinner party - Sunday breakkie and hangover trail(-ish)

The theme is Royalty. Think kings, queens, Queen, Elvis, His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf and what not.

Take my money already! The total cost is 2500 SEK, including 2 nights accomodation, towels, bedsheets, food, drinks, snacks, beer, goodies and more.

Payment: At registration 1500 SEK to our hash cash (Swish or bank transfer). The last payment of 1000 SEK must have reached us by March 30. Use the same payment method.

The event is now sold out but you can still sign up for the waiting list.

If you have registered and find yourself not able to cum, you have to sell your registration. We have people on the waiting list, so please let us know ASAP and we can give you the name of the first in line.

Who can you blame/thank/help/bribe/offer seg-sual favors? Your mismanagement 2023/parteee committe. We will ask for your help, everyone can join in making this a happy little event!

Information: By email exchange with hash sec Hot Boobs, facebook event page (in the works) and website event page.

No pets are allowed at the venue.

It is not possible to charge electric cars at the venue.

How to get to the venue

Car: Put the address into your GPS.

Landvetter airport: Airport bus (Flygbussarna) to end station Nils Ericson Terminalen

Nils Ericson Terminalen is located right next to Centralstationen, so no matter if you reach Gothenburg by train or the Flygbuss you follow these instructions.

Walk (~5 min) to Åkareplatsen. Bus GRÅS (Gråbosnabben), jump off at Aggetorpsvägen. Takes about 40 min. Please let us know if you need that. You are also allowed to walk.

Download the app Västtrafik To Go. There you can search for travels and buy tickets. You can also use the travel planner on

Program (a rough plan)

Thursday June 6
Red Dress Pub Run in Gothenburg. Start time not known at the moment.

Friday June 7
17:00-18:30 Registration and check in.
18:30 Mingling and activities.
20:00 Dinner party

Saturday June 8
8:30-9:30 Breakfast + do your own lunch bag.
10:00 Trails - Runners & Walkers
15:00 Circle. After circle you have nap/shower/free time
19:00 Dinner. Party until late

Sunday June 9
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00 Clear your room
10:00 Hangover trail and circle
Hugs and kisses, bye bye!

Older members probably won't remember, but according to our website scribblings, the very first hash of a kennel that was soon to be known as Gothenburg Hash House Harriers was on 5th of June 2004 in Mölndal. Soon the name was changed to GH3 and the rest is history!

Who's Cuming

  1. Cold Bitch, GH3
  2. Four n Twenty, GH3
  3.  Hot Boobs, GH3
  4. V3, GH3
  5. Short Call, GH3
  6. Triple Dickhead, Copenhagen H3
  7. Sir Jerk Off, GH3
  8. Litte Brother, Stockholm H3
  9. Ditch Bitch, Stockholm H3
  10. Sweaty Balls, ONH3
  11. Calapso, Copenhagen H3
  12. Dirty Dancer, Stockholm H3
  13. Sitting Dull, GH3
  14. Red Carpet, Copenhagen H3
  15. Pepper Grinder, Mirjas H3
  16. Likk'mm, B.I.T.CH
  17. Chemical Attraction, Copenhagen H3
  18. Stains the Sheets, Copenhagen H3
  19. Rosè, Stockholm H3
  20. Pirate of the Queeribean, Stockholm H3
  21. Swinging Tits, GH3
  22. Fanny Chill, Copenhagen H3
  23. Pippi Longcocking, Stockholm H3
  24. Body of Desire, Panama/Nüremberg H3
  25. Shot To The Twat, Switzerland H3
  26. Full Service, Oslo H3
  27. Biggles, Copenhagen H3
  28. Laid Bird, Stockholm H3
  29. Running Nuts, GH3
  30. Joint Venture, Copenhagen H3
  31. Happy Pancake, GH3
  32. Follows n Swallows, GH3
  33. 2.8, Århus H3
  34. Cunning Linguist, GH3
  35. Wild Captain Ground Runner, GH3
  36. Sir Shrimp Spew, GH3
  37. Pussy Whisperer, GH3
  38. Mobile Dick, Copenhagen H3
  39. Walkie Talkie, GH3
  40. Squarehead, Århus H3

Cum celebrate with us!
OnOn, GH3 Party Committee