R U interested to join on a CRAZY HASH TRIP 7-10 oct to Bulgaria with chance to hash with Sofia HHH, run Sofia Marathon (10, 21 or 42km), and have a crazy daytrip with STH hash?     

Also, would U be interested to join a semi-organized post lube to Thessaloniki from 10 oct?   

PLEASE LET 2SC or TSL know, via comment to  post on Hash FB, via messenger or :
1. R U interested to join for Bulgaria Craziness?
2. R U also interested to join Post Lube Greece?

Rough outline of program below, no need to book anything now, just a heads up.

6 or 7 oct fly to Sofia
7 oct afternoon short Sofia HHH or STH, after  joint dinner
8 oct Sofia Marathon 10, 21 or 42 km. Joint dinner
9 oct Crazy daytrip to secret spot with hash. Closing dinner.
10 oct fly home

Wizzair has direct flights to/from Sofia 7 & 10 oct.

Maby a Post lube with limited organized stuff.
If U wanna have longer holiday and have some Greek sun, Thessaloniki is a 5 hour bus ride away. Either normal bus or if we are many we can rent a Crazy bus and make alkostop en route?
And maby a STH in Greece before U fly home.

Flights with one stop to Stockholm are available from Thessaloniki.


U can start booking rooms. Hotels below have possibilities to book now/pay later, up 2 U. If U book other hotels than below we recommend one close by. Craziness start/end from option 1.        PS. Inform TSL what U booked!

Recommended hotels in Sofia 7-10 oct:

  1. Sofia Palace Hotel by hmg (more stars)
  2. Sofia place hotel by hmg (good value)
  3. Vitosha Downtown apartments (share a party dungeon)

Recommend hotels Thessaloniki 10 - XX oct:

  1. Egnatia hotel (it’s red)
  2. Mandrino hotel (a hotel)
  3. Antigon Urban Chic Hotel (Feel rich at 5-star hotel)


Book marathon (10,21 or 42km) here:



We recommend U to wait a bit more before buying flight tickets.

WHO R CRAZY - so far (21/3)

  1. 2SC - all, Palace + Egnatia
  2. Ménage - all Palace + Egnatia
  3. Double Dick - all, Place + Egnatia
  4. Pucko - all, Place + Egnatia
  5. Big Brother - all,  Palace + Egnatia
  6. Big mouth - all, Palace + Egnatia
  7. Little Brother - all,  Place 
  8. Ditch Bitch - all, Place
  9. Ramblin - all
  10. Nobby - all
  11. Miz Monnypenny- all
  12. Pole fucker - all
  13. TomBoy - all
  14. Blow Qween - all
  15. Hardworn - all, palace + egnatia 10-13oct
  16. Dirty Dancer -all
  17. Wet One - all
  18. Dip Shit -all
  19. 4-pack - all, Place + Egnatia 10-15oct,
  20. Bad Pit  - all
  21. Just Helena - all
  22. Slickly Licky - all, Place (with Limp)
  23. Pirate ?, Palace
  24. Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, all, Place + Mandrino 10-13oct
  25. Jingle Balls?
  26. Aliwank bonk ?
  27. Foghorn - Bulg
  28. Laid Bird ? Palace 1 bed 
  29. Violent Volvo - bulg
  30. Little Willy - bulg,,
  31. Limp - bulg, Place (with Slicky Licky)
  32. Moby Dick- bulg
  33. Dirty Lobster - bulg, Palace, Wizz 7-10oct, 10km.
  34. Old n Stiff - Bulg+?
  35. Queen of Bender- Bulg

🔛🔛 TSL