On(e)-Off Hash
OOH3 Run
The Back to Basics Hash
Saturday, 31 July 2021, 15:00 CEST
: Gräsbo
: 4pack
Where: Gräsbo 140, Österbybruk. Unless you want to bike from Uppsala (60 km) or hike from Österbybruk (15 km), car is the only option, so please do car sharing! Type the address in Google maps (ensure to include Österbybruk, or you'll get lost!).
Or: Go north on the E4. After Uppsala, exit the motorway towards Österbybruk. Follow route 290. When you get into Österbybruk, follow the signs for Lövstabruk instead. Some 13 km after Österbybruk, you'll see the sign Gräsbo. You're nearly there... but there is still some 1.5 km to go. Keep an eye out for the first buildings on the right side (some red houses and a yellow/white one). Just after these buildings, there is a small road to the right. Turn here, and Casa Fourpack is the first house on the right side (one yellow, one green and one red building). You can park on the lawn. Please stay on the left side, beside the tractor tracks, so we can keep the right side free for tents.
What: Walkers & Runners trail, beer, wine and food, and of course a celebration of yet another Hash Summer Residence! You’re most welcome to stay overnight. There is a bunk bed in a separate cabin (first come, first served). There is also plenty of space to pitch your tent (I have a spare one, should someone need it). Breakfast will be provided at self cost price.
Equipment: Well, this is the Back to Basics Hash, so please bring the following basics:
-Mug & your preferred drinking vessel
-A couple of bottles of drinking water - nope, no running water!
-Power bank - nope, no electricity!
-Swimming gear & towel (there is a lake 4km from my house, and I have a camping shower)
-Tent & sleeping bag if you’d like to stay overnight
RSVP: Essential! Please let me know by Thursday evening if you
-R cummin’
-R eating
-R staying overnight
-R having any dietary requirements
Dogs most welcome if they stay outdoors!