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Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #905
The Eskilstuna Emergency Ersatz Run
Saturday, 9 July 2022, 15:00
: Ljungbergsgatan 3, Norrtälje
: 20 °C, partially cloudy, light breeze.
: 40 kr

Take SL bus 676 from Tekniska högskolan at 13:35 or Danderyds sjukhus at 13:47 and get off at Norrtälje Gustavslund at 14:40 right after Campus Roslagen. From there, it's a short 7 min walk to the On-Inn. Just follow the arrows. If you miss that bus, there's another one 15 min later, but then you'll have to run from the bus stop to get to the On-Inn in time!

There are plenty of busses taking you back to Stockholm again, but please note that even though the southbound bus stop has the same name as the northbound one, it's about 250 m further north on Stockholmsvägen. Don't worry, it's easy to find and I'll mark it too. The 676 leaves Norrtälje Gustavslund every 15 min until 19:50, then every 30 min until 23:50. The last two busses taking you back are the 696 at 00:47 and 01:47. The ride back to Danderyds sjukhus takes about 50 min with the 676 and 1 hour 10 min with the 696. Add 10 min to Tekniska högskolan.

If you drive, take the E18 from Stockholm. When you arrive to the roundabout at the entrance to Norrtälje, take the 3rd exit onto road 76. Continue through the tunnel, then take the first exist on the next roundabout onto Esplanaden, then turn immediately right onto Lännagatan and follow it until it turns left onto Ljungbergsgatan. Park anywhere after you see a BMW i3 in a driveway next to a red friggebod on your right. Or just follow your navigator's instructions. There should be ample room on the freshly asphalted street.

You are also welcome to stay the night, either on a mattress in the house (limited supply) or in a tent in my garden, but please let me know ASAP if you'd like to do that. (There's also a hostel, Vandrarhemmet Hvilan, within crawling distance if you prefer that.)


Welcome to the Eskilstuna* Emergency Ersatz Run!

Sadly, BMW & Eye-Full had to cancel their summer home run due to illness, so we had to scramble to find another summer home run to replace it with. It might not be the Klinten adventure that you expected, but it will still be an adventure of sorts — at least if the weather forecast is right. 😬 You can still camp out if you like, but make sure to bring rain gear.

And just like that, everything changed! From having a "sure" forecast of 15-19 °C with plenty of rain for Saturday, SMHI is now saying that it will be sunny and 20-23 °C! Maybe the weather gods are with us after all? Keep your fingers crossed and bring both swim & rain gear, because who knows at this point. Either way, plan to get wet, above ground or below!

For the same reason, the trail may be live, short, and most definitely shitty. Please keep your expectations low and then work on reducing them.

There will be no:

  • Home cooked food.
  • Fresh homebrew.**
  • Cozy beer celler.***

However, there will be:

  • A trail of sorts.
  • Drink Stops (yes, plural).
  • Thai food and pizza/pasta/kebab/etc available for takeout.
  • Cheap beer (both finöl & fulöl) + wine from Systembolaget.
  • A party tent to seek shelter under – if needed.
  • Wet, cold, and drunk, but hopefully happy hashers!

So welcome once again to the old cottage Gamla Eneberg in the quaint little town of Norrtälje. It's super easy to get here, just board the 676 double decker from either Tekniska högskolan or Danderyds sjukhus, make yourself comfortable on its upper deck, settle in, enjoy the free WiFi, and before you know it, you've arrived! See the Directions for more details.

RSVPing is appreciated, but not strictly necessary, at least as long as you're not planning to stay the night.

*low Queen
Your Emergency Ersatz Hare

*) Not in Eskilstuna anymore.
**) But maybe a few old ones if I can find some extras.
***) But maybe a dirty, messy one as it's under renovation.