Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #918
The Christmas Tree plundering run
Saturday, 7 January 2023, 14:00
: Kristinebergs strand
: , and
: 0 °C, partially cloudy, gentle breeze.
: 40 kr
: Pitchers, Moa Martinssons Torg 12

Take the green line (tube) to Kristineberg. Then use your GPS to walk to Moa Martinssons Torg 12. If you don't have a GPS, please navigate with a map and compass. If you don't have a map and compass, please navigate with the help of the stars. :-)


Welcome to the Christmas Tree plundering run!

There will be a runners trail and a walkers trail. Both trails will be long enough to build up a heavy thirst.

On-Inn är Pitchers i Hornsberg.  They have promised that we can leave our bags there before the run/walk. You do not need to preorder so everyone can order their food/drinks after the run. It is important (and neccesary) that you pay for your food and drink when you order.

There will also be special prizes for some runners and walkers tomorrow. There will be four prizes:

Prize 1 and 2 - Prize to the male and female runner/walker with an outfit which looks most similar to a christmas tree :-)

Prize 3 and 4 - Prize to the male and female runner/walker who most strongly communicate (loud and clear) how great the trail is during the ongoing trail :-)

It will be snowy/icy so please wear shoes and clothing which is suitable for that.

Anything else to think about? Yes, please bring your mug. You might need it.

On On 👣

Cums Quickly, Four Pack, Loonie