Stockholm Travel Hash
STH3 Run #29
Dubrovnik Croatia Crazy Prelube
Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 15:00
: Dubrovnik, Croatia
: + ()
: 23 °C, clear, light breeze.
: Undecided

The start will be at the Amerling Fountain, Dubrovnik, Cratia.  It is outside the old city, close to the bus station. Ass Dubrovnik is a world heritage site, chalking within the city walls may not prove to be admired. Get on this run to see some more of Dubrovnik! There may be some additional stuff to see...


A shortish trail is promised, beware, there may be a stair or two. Bring drinking vessel, there may be a drinkstop. As we return we move into a bar to get some beer.