Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #927
Absolut Peking
Saturday, 13 May 2023, 15:00 CEST
: Norrköping C
: 2SC & just Mattias ()
: 23 °C, partially cloudy, light air.
: 40 kr
: Restaurang Mitropa - Garvaregatan 15


The trains serve beer onboard that land in Peking C so don't worry.

Recomended Train departs Stockholm 12:37 and arrive Norrköping C 14:03, which give U time to find half arrows and follow to restaurant Mitropa and try their exellent Czech beer b4 start of hash 15:00.

There is also FlixBus and option to drive.

Returning to Stockholm one train departs Peking 19:30, recommended party train departs 20:23 and on Sunday there are  plenty hangover trains.

U R recommended to buy train ticket in advance, prices might increase closer to Absolut Peking weekend


------ UPDATE 13/5 -----

- pay/confirm your food selection  with Nahir (up til now owner of Mitropa) BEFORE THE Hash starts.

- If U want beer in/after circle outdoors in sun bring your own.

we eat approximately 18hrs.

- Suggestions for Pubs on on after:

If U wanna see Eurovision - stay at Mitropa they will show.

If U wanna beerhop some suggestions are:

1. Ölstugan tullen (Big place, out and indoor Good selection Swedish beers.

2. Kneppingen brew pub (make own beer)

3. Black Lion (English style pub many beers on Tap)

4. Ölstugan gullolle (smaller place good selection beers on tap)

5. Broadway (Rockband Eldkvarns favorite pub, laid back)


There will be Runners and Wankers trail with Drinkstops etc.

U can leave bags at restaurant or if someone bring car in that hopefully.

If U R Cummin, please Preorder dinner and tell 2SC UR choice.

Mitropa restaurant has specials for us:

  1. Oxfilé pasta 169kr
  2. Schnitzel 179kr
  3. Friterad ost (veg) 179kr
  4. Fish n chips 169kr
  5. Ryggbiff planka 229kr

Some R arriving Friday staying in hotel to make party weekend and try to drink all beer..

Please let 2SC know if U R Cummin via mail, sms or messenger & tell UR food choice.
070-2328001, 2swedescoming @

Absolut Peking, food n stay (as of 13/5)

  1. 2 Swedes, Fri-sun, Schnitzel
  2. Just Mattias - always, osten
  3. Just Magnus, always, osten
  4. Just Catta - fre-sön, Ryggbiff
  5. Rose - fish n chips, --SICK NOT CUMMIN--
  6. Pippi fri-sun, Ryggbiff
  7. Hulkalainen- fre-sön - Car, Schnitzel
  8. Dirty D fre-sön
  9. Little Brother - day, Schnitzel
  10. Ditch Bitch - day, fish n chips
  11. Big Brother - sat-sun, car 2space around 10 am sat, 1 space noon sun. Ryggbiff planka.
  12. Big Mouth - sat-sun, car - ryggbiff planka
  13. Nordic, fri-sun, schnitzel
  14. 4-pack, fish n chips
  15. Laid Bird, fish n chips
  16. Just Otto, Oxfilepasta
  17. Pole Fucker, ryggbiff planka
  18. Tom boy, Schnitzel
  19. Termite - Schnitzel 
  20. Marmite - Fish n chips
  21. Pucko - Oxfilepasta,Fri-
  22. Double D - Fish n chips Fri 
  23. Dirty Lobster, Fri-sun. Fish n chip
  24. Wild Captain Ground Runner, always, Osten
  25. Eyefull- Schnitzel
  26. Frozen Balls - Fish n chips
  27. Pirates- Schnitzel
  28. Little Willy - 


On On

2 Swedes Cummin n just Mattias