Stockholm Marathon Hash
SMH3 Run #16 part 2
The second half marathon run
Saturday, 30 September 2023, 12:30 CEST
: Jakobsberg station
: Jingle Balls, Big Brother, Laid Bird ()
: 16 °C, partially cloudy, moderate breeze.
: 30 kr
: Absolute #937

Jakobsberg station, exit west


The Marathon hash 2023 will be done in two parts. Part 1 was done as usual 1 May, and now it is time for part 2!!!!!

Part 2 starts at Jakobsberg Station and ends at Kalhäll with a joint run with Absolute #937. There if you join the Absolute there will be sauna, food and party! 

Hash car will bring your bags.

Run will feature three legs of 5 km each, with drinkstops. And then join the Absolute to reach the total of 21,2 ish km.... Running pace will be about 8 min/km to accommodate for most hashers.
If you miss the start you can jump on at the first drinkstop that will be around Sandviksskolan. There is a bus stop there. Check SL for times. The hash will be there around 13:10ish. The second drinkstop will not be near a public transport. The third will be at the start of the Absolute.

For planning we need you to register your attenance by MAILING to Jingle () no later than 28 September. I will not remember otherwise...