Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #952
The silly bullshit # at Ljusterö bygdegård
Saturday, 27 April 2024, 13:00 CEST
: Ljusterö bygdegård
: SCF & Ferdinand TBS ()
: Ljusterö bygdegård

WHEN: @13 Saturday the 27th of April

Alt 1: By bus: Take 626 from Danderyds sjukhus to Gärdsviks vägskäl 11.26 -> 12.43, then follow half arrows to OnIn. 
Alt 2: By car: If you come with car you can park at Ljusterö Bygdegård.
Alt 3: By boat & bus: For those that loves traveling by boat, see below*. 

TRANSPORT FROM: Bus 626 from Gärdsviks vägskäl to Danderyds sjukhus with bus 626 20.07-21.26.

OTHER: Shower in a school nearby will be provided after running & walking, so bring a towel.

* As it’s low season for traveling with Waxholmsboat you can travel, with a SL 30 day or longer period card, for free. Takes longer time but if you have time and want to see the archipelago…
Boat: Strömkajen - Linanäs 9.00 - 11.15. Enjoy Linanäs befors taking bus 626 11.48 - 12.07 to Ljusterö torg where you can chill until bus 626 12.40 with other hashers pick u up from the same stop as u arrived and takes you to Gärdsviks vägskäl in 3 minutes.


More info will come...