SAH3 Run #747: The Jumbo Hash
: 2016-06-18
: Ljungbergsgatan 3, Norrtälje
: Blow Queen
: Sir Clever DIck

Dear BQ,

Many thanks again for a delightful challenging run around and over all the various bridges of NORRTÄLJE  What a run!, held in some drizziling rain, which actually was not so wet.  We ran everywhere, places I've never seen before. Passed an old DC3 aircraft from many years ago. A new swim hall where all the youngsters therein cheered us on in our endeavours.

Lots of forests or maybe woods. Slippery in places, so watch your step! BQ had friends from San Francisco, and one of them, "Roman Shower" I do believe her name was, got a little behind. I mean she was a bit after us! So I was pleased to assist and see her through the worst bits.

Eventually we arrived at the "Old Cottage" and congregated under the summer tents. Many down downs were administered and songs sung.

We eventually came inside for the warmth and comfort of the "Old Cottage". Special brewed beer was to be had. One just had to venture down in the old cellar and take your pick.  Replenished with excellent beer or wine it was into the house for the promised tasty food.  And oh my God! What tasty food, some Thailand Curry with rice and herbs! Succulent tasty, and most delicious.

By the way, we had a swim-stop. And of course our charming Marmite, accompanied by Silly Con Feet and Henrik Larsson - Shit! - I've forgotten his Hash name, bathed in the waters of Norrtälje.

All in all an excellent Hash be it number 8 or 9 in succession. Many thanks to BQ for his brave trail laying it in somewhat difficult conditions. But he did us proud with the food and drink.

Thank you BQ for another delightful visit to the "Old Cottage". See you next year!

Sir Clever Dick

p.s. As I was in a hurry to get home, I flew back with Concorde instead of a B747. Luv ya all!