SAH3 Run #382: The Broken Plank Run
: 2002-06-22
: Unknown
: Floater & Mad Swede
: Ingrid

A midsummer night’s dream cum true

The young and innocent virgin followed the tradition. On midsummer night’s eve she went out and picked seven kinds of flowers, which she kept under her pillow at night. As the tradition goes she dreamt of the man of her future. But, at breakfast the next morning she had to ask her aunt “Is polygamy allowed for women?”. She had dreamt of more than one man, and they were of different colours too ...

What she didn’t know was that her dream would be fulfilled almost immediately. Arriving at the lawn outside the “Coppertents” in Haga parken she met the hashers. A truly international bunch of all colours and nationalities. What more can a virgin ask for?

The old Nordic Aesir gods had decided to follow the young virgin on her first hash and Thor, the god of lightning, thundered down just as the hash set off. It was a wet first experience. Fortunately, the hare Floater had set a trail with many shortcut possibilities. For many, except the virgin, it was also a big reunion. A bunch of long lost returnees, like Champagne Charlie, Eat it Raw and Eagermount, had decided that Sweden is the best place to celebrate midsummer. The same goes for some Boston harriettes and Handsamu from Nairobi. Some Stockholm hashers that hadn’t been hashing for some time, like Mary Poppins, Roadkill and Space Cadet, also showed up and were properly rewarded in the circle. Deceased & co. arrived late and were wise enough to just walk over to the beer stop on the other side of the lawn, except for Kabila who wanted to run.

Back to the tent again for the virgin’s first circle, well performed by R.A. V.D Viking with a little help from Ramblin’ Rod and Standing Ovation. But it started off badly. After the first down-down (for returning hashers) a man came around accusing us of destroying a fence. Was the circle going to end even before the virgin got her very first down-down? No, luckily enough we soon realized that the complaining man was only talking b*****it, and V.D Viking continued with the circle.

Our virgin got her first down-down and was no longer a virgin !!! (To all virgins who read this: it’s much better to loose your virginity on the hash – it’s not painful, and it’s only your hair that gets wet!). Other noticeably down-downs were the Holy Oregano Sceptre for Swirt the Pizza King, to Kabila and Malibog for their “performance” at the Stockholm marathon, to our paparazzi hash-non- wannabe Ankar von Tja╠łtting, to Anon for still being around and Bashful Sphincter for leaving us. Clever Dick appropriately changed the lyrics of “He’s the meanest ...” to “He fucks rat’s arses ...” for Bashful.

Kabila closed the circle with some new verses to the hash hymn and we walked over to get an excellent “traditional” (what else to expect – with Mad Swede providing the food?) lunch. The ex-virgin’s dream had cum true! She could choose between men from almost any part of the world – a Ramblin’ Kiwi; a few ex- Filipino hashers; Bashful (well, maybe better to leave him playing with the rats...) and a few others from the other side of the Atlantic. Kabila, Handsamu and Deceased from the Dark Continent; if she wasn’t satisfied with men from the Northern Hemisphere.