SPOR&DIC Run #2: The Afterscandi Run
: 2005-07-18
: Waxholm
: Floater
: Unknown

SPOR&DIC 2 - The Afterscandi run

When: July 18, 2005, Where: Waxholm, Hare: Floater

Runners(25ish): Standing Ovation, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Sugar Kane, Fucking Nuts (Oslo), Megabitten (Oslo), Airhead (Oslo), Scary Pussy (Oslo), Fucking Beep Beep (Oslo), Ground Zero (Oslo), Likk'm (DRIFTER), Lonely Braincell (BUMS), Hasty Withdrawal (Frankfurt), Hard'n'Fast (Frankfurt), Rongjon (Gypsies in the Palace), Oink! (FACAF), Mimi (Trossachs), Slush Puppy (Vindobona), Ice Queen (Vindobona), Horny Larssen (Royal Magnarp and Bordighera), Anon (Ottawa), Pucko, Kapten Condom (London) plus a couple more whom no-one can remember the names of, if you know who they are please mail V.D.Viking.

The post-lube to the now infamous Interscandi in Stockholm 2005.