SPOR&DIC Run #1: The Maiden Run
: 2005-07-09
: Skarpn├Ąck
: Standing Ovation
: Unknown

SPOR&DIC 1 - The Maiden Run

When: July 9, 2005, Where: Skarpnäck, Hare: Standing Ovation

Runners(8): V.D.Viking, SPOR&DIC Cummer (New Name), Ingrid Larssen, Sugar Kane, King Zebra, Doubledecker, Mad Swede, Clark Kent

A medium long trail done in sweltering heat. Included a wading stop at Playa del Skarpnäck, lots of good drinks and tons of great heavy metal performed by Iron Maiden live from Gothenburg. A perfect inaugural of SPOR&DIC.

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