SAH3 Run #728
: 2015-09-26
: Gamla Eneberg, Ljungbergsgatan 3, Norrtälje
: Blow Queen
: Sir Clever Dick

A short summary of Saturdays Absolut Hash, 2015-09-26.

We arrived by cars and buses from various locations. It was just to follow the half arrows to arrive at... The Old Cottage – Eneberg, Norrtälje.

BQ was in full flight filling his bike panniers with the refreshments of the day. Hashers were dropping in by their two’s and three’s. The early ones grabbing some chairs to idly sit in the afternoon sun.

As the time approached 15:00 We had to leave the garden for the street and chalk talk.

It was mainly the usual, flour and chalk, checks & check-backs, false trails, view stops, swim stop, DN, DVN, DS! But BQ introduced a new one – a BEER QUEST! This we had to discover ourselves like finding a hidden beer at the marked BQ. As the walkers were planned to walk 6 km and the runners approx. 11.50 km there would be no fishhooks.

Now it was time to set off. At the rear of the garden was a miniature Mount Everest which the runners had to scale. Once on top we ran on small stones towards Campus Roslagen crossing highway 76 and back tracking towards the town alongside the canal towards Norrtälje Sjukhus. We ran over several small foot bridges towards Societetsparken, then a left along Roslagsgatan towards Anstalten Norrtälje – a maximum security prison for some of Sweden’s worst criminals.

If I remember correctly, soon after the prison, we had a drink stop with some pinkish spirit and some Gammal Dansk. At the site was some training equipment – type iron bar with a wheel and tyre at each end. Our stalwart Termite had to show his prowess by lifting it up and down about 50 times. We continued several kilometres till we came to a lake which some hashers thought was the promised swim stop. Without further ado Marmite, Four Pack and SCF stripped off and had a refreshing swim. Apologies if I missed a swimmer.

After a few more kilometres through picturesque countryside we arrived at the genuine swim stop where we had a drink stop with wild strawberry sparkling wine. After quite a lengthy enjoyable stop it was back to The Cottage for the circle.

A fine circle was had with John Cleese acting as RA. Many DD’s were given, deserved or not. A special occasion was when Big Brother produced the Marathon Cup, this time it was awarded to BQ for his run on this year’s “Le Marathon du Médoc” I believe that’s in France. HeHe!

Many other DD’s were had before we had to close the circle and retire indoors for the evening meal. While this was being prepared, Hashers were seen to disappear into the garden cellar appearing again with a smile and a bottle or two of specially brewed beer, being that of apple or cherry.

Inside the house, BQ was working like a past Southern Slave, pots and pans were buttered, ingredients thrown in. Help was at hand with a Harriette, Eager Beaver could be seen chopping tomatoes, dissecting other kinds of vegetables. In the meanwhile, most of the Hashers were reclined in the various rooms testing and tasting the beers of their choice.

BQ, probably, the day before, had made a fantastic soup with lentils I believe. It was totally delicious. But for us mortals – non vegetarian – he had fried some tasty sausages and some spiced mincemeat which we could add to the soup if need be. There was also some sauces, green and white, bread butter and cheese. What a feast! A truly Viking party.

Wine was also to be had red or white or rosé. A desert was produced, followed by coffee and brandy or was it cognac. I must admit I’m now getting a trifle tipsy.

Finally, one must go home. Like a dream SCF was driving home in his multiple seater vehicle. He had space for some Hashers and drove BB, BM, ASP, Fluffer and myself towards home. Thank you SCF.

Now, many thanks to BQ for this wonderful annual event. Everything was perfect even the weather. We appreciate all your hard work to make this the success it was.

We all thank you sincerely and look forward to the 6th Annual Anniversary of the Norrtälje Absolut Hash.


Yours truly,