SAH3 Run #697: Secret Run
: 2014-07-19
: Skarpn├Ąck
: John Cleese & Laid Bird
: Sir Clever Dick


Just want to thank the Hares, John Cleese and Laid Bird, for a fantastic gööööööööd unusual trail yesterday.

We ran in the wilds of Skarpnäck and into Flatensnaturreservat.

Then aided by an aquatic device "plastic swim ring" we swam approx. 200 metres to the other side of lake flaten.

There we could drink our fill out of a bucket filled with all manner of delicious fruit and liquids.

After that, just by chance!? We came upon a wedding celebration.

Our own Fluffer and Aa Saa Patae (not sure of the spelling) had just got married and were celebrating with family and friends.

It seemed as if we were invited as food was being grilled and cold beers were awaiting us at the bar.

Then the music started and some dancing was performed.

Then the Bride and Groom opened their presents and read their congratulatory cards.

After awhile a wedding cake was produced followed by bottles of whiskey and baileys.

More dancing and socializing were had, completing a most unusual, enjoyable saturday absolut hash.

Sincere thanks to the hares for a well planned mystery hash and to the newlyweds for letting us share and enjoy their happiness.

Yours truly,