SUH3 Run #1105
: 2015-11-25
: Sundbybergs centrum
: Sprintosaurus
: Sir Clever Dick

A short account of the run. It was in Sumpan, it was dark, it was chilly, it was a trifle wet.

The trail was set in some slightly disappearing chalk but with an added ingredient of some see-able sawdust.

The run reminded me of the nursery rhyme “round and round the garden like a teddy bear” etc.

We ran under, over, through, around, and alongside a canal. We had view stops x 2, DN, DVN, HOLD, DN, DVN, and DS.

We had with us a returnee, a Harriette from Beijing with the name of Stiff Lip or was it Stiff Lips. She was quite concerned about  a friend of hers a Maria, whom had missed her train but was on her way.

On further investigation the person in question was our own Wet One. , well,  I observed this Stiff lip along the trail (well she is a nice looking Harriette) marking the trail in chalk to enable Wet One to catch us up.

Eventually we came to the drink Stop and was rewarded with some tasty cider , some non-alchoholic beverage and crisps of different sorts. Sprintosaurus then kindly advised us that we would receive real beer at the circle.

Finally we all arrived at the On Inn whereupon a circle was formed and DD’s administered. Real beer (Mariestad was in abundance) We even had some non-alchoholic drink for the car drivers and teetotallers of the day.

We then retired to the Three Brothers to eat drink and be merry.

Some statistics;-  According to my calculations we were 19 Hashers. 7 Harriettes and 12 Harriers. We had one virgin “Just Niklas” introduced by Silliconfeet. We also met an old friend and hasher namely, Sugar Kane. He was ensconced in the corner of the pub enjoying a gigantic burger. Whilst eating and drinking we unfortunately saw Malmö thrashed by PSG. For the record Zlatan scored one goal.

Finally I collected the customary 10 crowns from the following:-  Laid Bird, Fluffer, Ei Saa Paitää, John Cleese, Hornytail, Big Man Wanted, SillyConFeet, Eager Beaver, Stiff Lips, 2 Swedes Cummin, Hugh Hefner, Hardworn Hymen, Sir Clever Dick, Wet One, Fourpack, Bad Pitt and Sugar Kane whom unfortunately had run out of money but he insisted on paying the six crowns he had left in his pocket. 

Total Paying  = 16 Hashers @10 SEK = 160 SEK plus Sugar Kane @ 6 SEK = 166 SEK less 50 SEK DD beers to Sprintosaurus = 116 SEK to be paid to Miz Moneypenny

Yours Truly,
Sir Clever Dick  (Assistant Hash Cash collector) 

P.S. Again, I did not reimburse the hare for the DD’s. Current status: I owe Floater or Clark Kent 50 SEK for last week and Sprintosaurus 50 SEK for this week. Skärpning!