SUH3 Run #1104
: 2015-11-18
: Fridhemsplan exit Drottningsholmsvägen
: Floater
: Sir Clever Dick

A breakdown of yesterday’s run.

2 Hares, 2 pram pushers with horrors, 1 visitor with mother hash Kuala Lumpur, 3 virgins.

Just Christian got baptised with the name: “Sneaky Clean”.

I counted 34 hashers including the hares plus the horrors in the prams.

A special note: 2 Swedes Cummin concluded his 400th run.

I received 10 crowns from the following.

Eager Beaver, Laid Bird, Four Pack, Jingle Balls, Fluffer, Just Fredrik, A very naughty boy, Incontinentia Buttocks, Bambi, Hugh Hefner, Sir Clever Dick, Frozen Balls, Fluffy Bunny, Termite, Marmite, Sneaky Clean, Fresh Meat, Pitt Bull Burger, Malteaser, BMW, Hardworn Hyman, 2 Swedes Cummin, Malibog, Bad Pitt, Broken Rubber, Limp, Big Brother, Sprintosaurus.

I calculate 28 paying hashers at 10 SEK each = 280 SEK less 50 SEK to be paid to the hare for down-down beer = 230 SEK to be paid to Miz Moneypenny.

I owe Floater or Clark Kent the 50 SEK

Yours truly and On-On!


Sir Clever Dick     (Assistant Hash Cash Collector)