SAH3 Run #383 (Away)
: 2002-07-06
: Magnarp
: Ingrid Larsson & Tone Deaf
: S.O.


The idea was to take the 10:50 bus to Engelholm and continue with the train to Helsingborg where the first leg of the hangover run would take place. GM had appointed two hares for the run in Helsingborg. Nippy Knickers for her great running abilities and First Step because of his knowledge about different areas in town. When we finally arrived they had already started to spread the flour. Soon we were on as well. After a short while we found ourselves climbing a hill which today felt just as worse as the murder hill we conquered at Hallandsridge the day before.

Well, my idea of a hangover run is that it should be short, the pace slow and flat as a pancake. I soon found out this run didn’t apply at all. Instead we just went further and further away from the city centre. Some checks were a bit tricky to break but that also helped keeping the pack together.

Running past Olympia but there was no match on today. Up at Idrottens Hus I was lucky to find the trail and shouted the mandatory ON-call. I was then overtaken by a pedallist who greeted me with the words; -“Run for Your life, I think those people are pursuing you.”

A new difficult check in the woods behind the sportsfield finally got solved by Shakesprick. We were now almost at the border of Fredriksdal which we, if I’m not mistaken, had run through on one of the previous years.

Now at last it was back towards the port but first there was singstop at the ruin/castle Karnan. I had to encourage V.D. Viking to run the last bit so he wouldn’t be outspeeded by an electric wheelchair.

At the stop Tonedeaf led us through “Singing in the rain” and “Father Abraham” much to the amusement not only to us, but also to the other unfortunate visitors to the ruin. Just watching Nippy Knickers bounze up and down in “Father Abraham” was worth the fee for the whole weekend.

Now, it was time for a very well deserved ambulant beer stop on Sundsbussarna which actually is a ferry. By now Mad Swede had manage to join in as well, mumbling about difficult and not so well marked checks. I guess we have to start improve on that part with marking checks.

In the middle of my Hof, I got to know since I had been speeking to openly about who was supposed to hare in Helsingor I was penalized by Ingrid Larsson to set the trail together with the other Mads from Aalborg, hash name Ground Control. Aalborg is by the way the second smallest hash in the wotld, consisting of two members (Yes, the Karlsruhe H3 is actually smaller. Fuck off told me that the AGPU’s in Karlsruhe really are great happenings.)

Anyway after a while I realized having to hare wasn’t really a penalty. At least there would be one huge advantage. We would be able to have control of the run! I was determined to make up for the slightly long trail in the morning and do a real short trail in Denmark.

Ground Control shared my thoughts but maybe we were overdoing it a little since we only came up with a 10 minute run. Our idea from origin was to keep them out there for about 20 minutes, but what the heck. We didn’t want to waist valuable beer drinking time in the main square. Actually, we didn’t heer any complaints about the trail.

At the square the beer was cold, sun breaking through the clouds, the Frankfurters went down as well together, with in Uncle Mites case 8-10 Danish pastries. The RA:s managed to scramble together a few more down-downs so a decent final circle was administrated.

Now the party began to break up. The team driving my car took off first promising they would pay me a call if they didn’t manage to start my car. Of course when I was a bit in to the next pint the inevitable call came. Now, you might ask why I simply didn’t turn off the phone. The answer is I truly don’t know. I promosed to drag myself over to H-borg ASAP but when I’ve been walking for a bit I realized I was so pissed I didn’t know the way. I had to go back and ask. Of course, I got the obvious answer; -“Follow the trail backwards you silly wanker. Just as I was ready to go again, there was a new call. Mrs Schumacher had managed to start the car. Well done guys!

The Hash Cash had been very lucky. There was still enough money in the beer kitty for another round of pilsner on the ferry back. We were now in such a good mood we decided to have another shot at one of the outdoor bars in H-borg as well. There we found Space Cadet waiting for his Space Shuttle to lift. We, with not so grand requirements for travelling, settled for train and bus. Ticket office in Knutpunkten was not open so we just jumped on the train. When a lady came up to check our tickets, Ingrid showed us her businesswoman side and started to bargain with the lady. It turned out good for us. The bus driver turned out just as smooth and at the bus there was a bit of sing-song. Even other passengers where asked to join in and one happy madame did.

Although the Hash Weekend was officially declared closed, don’t believe we had enough of hashing. After dinner there was the AWOL (Absolute Water Of Hash) stepping in. A short A2B trail in Magnarp to the Vejby Inn. Of course, we ignored most of the marks and went straight to the pub.

GM:s of the AWOL had lost a bit of control which you can understand since none of the following criteria was fulfilled.

  1. They didn’t know how many runs there has been in the AWOL

  2. They lost the AWOL book

  3. Down-downs were not consisting of either Single-Maly Whisky, Grappa, Absolut Vodka or local Water

Yours truly got the honours to hand out the down-downs. Hopefully I will now get a new AWOL RA t-shirt instead of the one I, in one of my frequent periods of insanity, swapped for alousy Kiwi t-shirt.

Even though lots of people stayed until Monday, this really concluded the weekend. Needless to say a super weekend it was. We can only say Thanks a Bunch to The Larssons and look forward to next time in Magnarp.